Courses at the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics



Course Guidance:
Jakob Kaiser, M. Sc.

IDP-Contact Person for Information Scientist:
Nils Hoppe, M. Sc.

Courses for the Bachelorstudy

Modulnr. ModulnameTypeSWSECTSSoSe or WS
Obligatory Lecture (with tutorial) in the 4th semester
MW 2021Fluid Mechanics ILecture + Tutorial2+15SoSe
Bachelormoduls from the 5th semester on
MW 1910Fluid Mechanics IILecture + Tutorial2+15WS
MW 1913Fundamentals of numerical fluid mechanics Lecture + Tutorial2+15SoSe/WS

As Supplementary Module see our List of Supplementary Courses
As University Practical Course see our List of University Practical Courses

Courses for B. Sc. Engineering Science Students (MSE)

Modulnr. ModulnameSWSECTSWS/SoSe
MW 1405Continuum Mechanics4+27WS
240504257Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics2+15WS

M. Sc. Material Science and Engineering (MSE)

Modulnr.ModulnameArtSWSECTSSoSe oder WS
MW 2361Physics of FluidsLecture + Exercise2+15WS

Courses for the Masterstudy

Lectures with tutorials for the obligatory elective subjects Mastermoduls

The main focus are abbreviated as follow: Energy and Process Engineering (EP); Product Development and Engineering Design (EK); Automotive and Combustion Engine Technology (FMT); Aerospace (LuR); Mechanical Engineering and Management (MM); Mechanical Engineering (MW); Mechatronics and Information Technology (MI); Medical Technology and Engineering (MT); Nuclear Technology (NT); Production and Logistics (PL)  

Modulnr.Modulnameasfor which main focus?ECTSSWSWS/SoSe
In Winter Term
MW 0007Aerodynamics of Aircraft IKernkompetenzLuR; MW52+1WS
Studienübergreifendes ModulED; FMT; MI; MT; PL5
MW 0798Boundary-layer theoryKernkompetenzMW52WS
SchwerpunktmodulLuR; EP; EK; MM5
Studienübergreifendes ModulFMT; MI; MT; PL5
MW 1692AeroacousticsKernkompetenzMW52+1WS
SchwerpunktmodulLuR; FMT; MM5
Studienübergreifendes ModulEK; MI; MT; PL5

Im Summer Term
MW 1628Applied CFDKernkompetenzLuR; FMT52+1SoSe
SchwerpunktmodulEP; EK; MM; MW; NT; PL5
Studienübergreifendes ModulMI; MT5
MW 0877Aerodynamics of Aircraft II - ConfigurationsKernkompetenzMW52+1SoSe
SchwerpunktmodulLuR; MM5
Studienübergreifendes ModulEK; FMT; MI; MT; PL5
MW 0357GasdynamicsKernkompetenzMW52SoSe
SchwerpunktmodulLuR; EP; EK; FMT; MM5
Studienübergreifendes ModulMI; MT; PL5
MW 0595Turbulent FlowsKernkompetenzMW52SoSe
SchwerpunktmodulLuR; EP; EK; FMT; MM; NT5
Studienübergreifendes ModulMI; MT; PL5

Supplementary Courses for the Bachelor- und Masterstudy (for all Study Main Topics)

Modulnr. ModulnameECTSSWSWS/SoSe
In  Winter Term
MW 0142Aerodynamics of Ground Vehicles


MW 0174Aerodynamics of Civil Structure32WS
MW 0183Unsteady Aerodynamics I - Airfoils32WS
MW 0470Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows32WS
MW 2337Numerical Methods for Conservation Equations32WS

Im Summer Term
MW 0143Spacecraft Aerodynamics - Re-entry Aerodynamics32SoSe
MW 0376Biofluid Mechanics53SoSe
MW 0685Basics of Experimental Fluid Mechanics 32SoSe
MW 0642An Introduction to Microfluidic Simulations32+1SoSe
MW 0415Unsteady Aerodynamics II - Wings 32SoSe
MW 2204Computational Aeroacoustics32SoSe
MW 2078Flow Control32SoSe
MW 0416Flow Physics and Similarity Laws32SoSe

University Practical Courses for the Bachelor- and the Masterstudy (for all Study Main Topics)

Modulnr. ModulnameSWSECTSWS/SoSe
In Winter Term
MW 0258Aerodynamics of Aircraft - Practical Course 44WS
MW 1846Computational Fluid Dynamics - Practical Course44WS
MW 2408Turbulent flow simulation on HPC systems34WS
Im Summer Term
MW 1846Computational Fluid Dynamics - Practical Course44SoSe
MW 0305Experimental Fluid Mechanics - Practical Course34SoSe
MW 2268Computational Aeroacoustics - Practical Course44SoSe



Lab course "Turbulent flow simulation on HPC-Systems"

The lab course "Turbulent flow simulation on HPC-Systems" has been awarded with the Ernst Otto Fischer Lehrpeis 2012/2013.