Overview Plan about the courses of the Institute AER in summersemester 2019 >>PDF

Courses in Summer Term

For the Bachelor- and Masterstudy
Bachelorstudy: Bachelormoduls
MW 2021Fluid Mechanics I2+15TUMOnline
MW 1913Fundamentals of numerical fluid mechanics2+15TUMOnline

The offer of supplementary moduls and university practical courses see below.

Masterstudy: Mastermoduls
MW 1628Applied CFD2+15TUMOnline
MW 0877Aerodynamics of Aircraft II - Configurations2+15TUMOnline
MW 0357Gas Dynamics2+15TUMOnline
MW 0595Turbulent Flows2+15TUMOnline
Supplementary Courses
MW 0143Spacecraft Aerodynamics - Re-entry Aerodynamics 23TUMOnline
MW 0367Biofluid Mechanics23TUMOnline
MW 0685Basics of Experimental Fluid Mechanics23TUMOnline
MW 0642An Introduction to Microfluidic Simulations2+13TUMOnline
MW 0415Unsteady Aerodynamics II - Wings 23TUMOnline
MW 2204Computational Aeroacoustics23TUMOnline
MW 2078Flow Control23TUMOnline
MW 0416Flow Physics and Similarity Laws 23TUMOnline
University Practical Courses
MW 2268Computational Aeroacoustics - Practical Course 44TUMOnline
MW 1846Computational Fluid Dynamics - Practical Course44TUMOnline
MW 0305Experimental Fluid Mechanics - Practical Course 34TUMOnline