Timetable of the courses of AER in Wintersemester 2018/2019

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Courses in winter term

For the Bachelor- and  Masterstudy

Bachelorstudy: Bachelormoduls
MW 1910Fluidmechanics II2+15TUMOnline
MW 1913Fundamentals of numerical fluid mechanics2+15TUMOnline
The offer of supplementary moduls and university practical courses you are finding below.
B. Sc. Ingenieurwissenschaften (MSE)
MW 1405Continuum Mechanics4+27TUMOnline
MW 1407Computational Solid and Fluid Dynamics2+15TUMOnline
Masterstudy: Mastermoduls
MW 0007Aerodynamics of Aircraft I2+15TUMOnline
MW 0798Boundary-layer theory2+15TUMOnline
MW 1692Aeroacoustics2+15TUMOnline
Supplementary Courses:
MW 0142Aerodynamics of Ground Vehicles2+13TUMOnline
MW 0147 Aerodynamics of Civil Structure 23TUMOnline
MW 0183Unsteady Aerodynamics I - Airfoils23TUMOnline
240582255Numerical Methods for Conservation Equations23TUMOnline
MW 0696Particle-Simulation Methods for Fluid Dynamics23TUMOnline
University Practical Courses:
MW 0258Aerodynamics of Aircraft - Practical Course44TUMOnline
MW 1846Computational Fluid Dynamics - Practical Course44TUMOnline
MW 2048Turbulent flow simulation on HPC systems 34TUMOnline
M. Sc. Material Science and Engineering (MSE)
MW 2361Physics of Fluids35TUMOnline