Picture of Julius Stegmüller

M.Sc. Julius Stegmüller

Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jakob Kaltebach, Fachgebiet für Strömungsbeeinflussung und Aeroakustik

Title of the Masterthesis:
Development of a Model for calculating the Rotor Wake and its Aerodynamical Interaction with other objects and subsequent Aerodynamical Modelling of the Rotor Blades

Research Area:

  • Wake development over rough ground and in complex terrain
  • Wind-tunnel measurements of a wind turbine on a hill including research on the wake position using a hot-wire anemometer

Preparation for the slipstream project (aerodynamics part)

Current Research Project:

Preparation of a research application relating to the slipstream effect when riding a racing bike in the field