Ferienakademiekurs "Scientific Machine Learning with Focus on Fluid Mechanics Ferienakademiekurs" 20.09.-02.10.2020

Professor Adams and professor Munz of the university of Stuttgart are jointly organizing a summer workshop on scientific machine learning, focussing on fluid mechanics as model problem, as part of the Ferienakademie. The course will take place from the 20th of September until...[more]


SFB-TRR40 Final Colloquium 16.-17. March 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020 09:00-09:15 Opening address and introduction through the speaker of the collaborative research center SFB TRR40, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus A. Adams, TUM 09:15-09:35 High-order numerical simulations of rocket combustion chambers using ideal and real gas...[more]


Mid-term Project Presentations in the SFBTRR40 Summer Program 2019

Friday, August 9th 2019, 1pm in the IAS Auditorium[more]