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new study theses

New study theses (semester-, masterthesis) in the area gasdynamics

The subject of the first thesis  is "Implementation and validation of a viscoelastic Non-Newtonsches modell in a compressible 3D Fluid solver"

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The subject of the second thesis is "Implementation, validation and parameter variation of a viscoelastic non-newtonsches modell for the speric bubble collapse"

A new study thesis (Bachelor-, Semesterthesis) in the area "automotive aerodynamics" is offered

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New publications at the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid mechanics

New publication in the area Aircraft Aerodynamics

  • Rozov, V.; Winter, M.; Breitsamter, C.: Antisymmetric Boundary Condition for Small Disturbance CFD. Journal of Fluuids and Structures Vol. 85, 2019, pp. 229-248 more… Full text ( DOI )