Complex Fluids (Group leader: Xiangyu Hu)

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Our reseach is focused on computational multi-physics and multi-scale fluid dynamics, which is expanding beyond the traditional realm of computational fluid dynamics. “multi-physics” suggests that the flows are coupled with multi-phase, chemical reaction, electric/magnetic field, radiation, gravity or/and other physical phenomena. Recently, another issue, the “multi-scale” imbedded in many multi-physics flow systems, becomes more and more important. “multi-scale” usually suggests flow problems with several separated dominant scales or with a large range of continuous scales. This issue is critical because the computational efficiency is usually determined by the ratios of resolved length scales.

We develop numerical methods and study complex scientific and engineering problems by numerical simulations. The research  areas in our group are in: Smoothed Particle Dynamics (SPH) methods, numerical methods for Multi-fluid/-phase Flows and their application in Aerodynamics, Life Science and Microfluidics.  We emphasize simple, accurate, numerical stable  algorithms for problems characterized with complex, multi-scale, multi-physics phenomena.