Studies SoSe2020

Schedule SoSe2020

Bachelor's degree

ModulNr.ECTSModulnameType    LecturerSWSSemester


Fluidmechanics 1 (FMI)

LectureProf. Adams   2  SS2020

Schmidt, S. Giglmaier, M. Lang, C.

   1   SS2020
Group ExercisesSchmidt, S. Giglmaier, M. Lang, C.   2   SS2020
MW1913   5Fundamentals of numerical fluid mechanics (MSE)LectureProf. Kaltenbach   2   SS2020
ExercisesProf. Kaltenbach Izsak, Marian   1   SS2020


Master's degree

ModuleNo.ECTSModuleNameTypeLecturer        SWSSemester
MW1628   5

Applied CFD

LectureGiglmaier, M.   2   SS2020
Group Exercises

Giglmaier, M.      Hopfes, T.    Fleishmann, N.

   1   SS2020
MW0877   5Aerodynamics of Aircraft II - Configurations                                                           LectureProf. Breitsamter   2   SS2020

Prof. Breitsamter Cerny, M.

   1   SS2020
MW0357   5

Gas Dynamics

LectureSchmidt, S.   2   SS2020

Schmidt, S.

   1      SS2020
MW0595   5Turbulent FlowsLectureProf. Adams   2   SS2020
ExercisesKaiser, J. Bezgin, D.   1   SS2020
MW0376   5Biofluid MechanicsLectureHu, XY.   3   SS2020


Supplementary Subjects (Bachelor- und Masterstudium)

MW0143   3

Spacecraft Aerodynamics - Re-entry Aerodynamics

LectureProf. Stemmer   2   SS2020
MW0685   3  Basics of Experimental Fluid MechanicsLectureIndinger, T. Reiß, J.   2   SS2020
MW0642   3An Introduction to Microfluidic SimulationsLectureHu, XY.   2   SS2020
MW0415   3

Unsteady Aerodynamics II - Wings

LectureProf. Breitsamter   2   SS2020
MW2078   3Flow ControlLectureProf. Kaltenbach   2   SS2020
MW0416   3Flow Physics and Similarity LawsLectureProf. Breitsamter   2   SS2020

University Internship

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*The lab course "Turbulent Flow Simulation on HPC-Systems" (MW2048) has been awarded with the Ernst-Otto-Fischer-Lehrpreis 2012/2013 by the faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


MW1846   4Computational Fluid DynamicsPractical Course

Prof. Kaltenbach Izsak M.

   4   SS2020
MW2268   4Computational Aeroacoustics Practical Course
Prof. Kaltenbach Izsak M.    4   SS2020
MW0305   4Experimental Fluid MechanicsPractical Course
Indinger T. Reiß J.   4   SS2020