The 5th SFB summer program

Dear Colleagues,

we will host the 5th SFB summer program in late July/August. I would like to invite you to the seminars within the summer program as there is really an elaborate circle presenting this time. Keep these dates.

  • First, on July 29th, Bernd Noach from LIMSI Poitiers will talk about "Better, Faster and Easier with Machine Learning" around 1pm.
  • Second, we'll have Javier Jimenez from UPMadrid talk about "Computers and Turbulence" (abstract attached) on Aug. 9th in the early afternoon.
  • Third, we'll have Suresh Menon from GeorgiaTech about a combustion-related topic on Aug. 23rd in the morning.

All talks will take place in the main auditorium of the IAS on the ground floor. Further details will follow as we get closer to the talks.

Regards, Christian Stemmer

06.08.2019 13:56 Alter: 105 days

Mid-term Project Presentations in the SFBTRR40 Summer Program 2019

Friday, August 9th 2019, 1pm in the IAS Auditorium


1:00pm-2:00pm Plenary talk by Javier Jimenez

Computers and Turbulence

Distinguished Res. Professor of Fluid Mechanics.

E.T.S.I. Aeronauticos, UPM, Madrid, Spain

2:00-2:20 Control of compressible shear-layer development downstream of a backward-facing step by nanosecond-pulsed plasma actuators

Zhenli Chen, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China;

Nikolaus Adams, TU München

2:20-2:40 Coolant-gas eff ects in transpiration-cooled walls

Nicholas Christopher, Khaled Younes, Jean-Pierre Hickey, University of Waterloo, Canada; Johannes Peter, Markus Kloker, Uni Stuttgart, Germany

2:40-3:00 Analysis of Subgrid-Scale Closure Models for LES of Supercritical Combustion of LOX-GCH4

Wai Tong Chung, Matthias Ihme, Stanford University, USA; Michael Pfi tzner, UniBw München; Oskar Haidn, Nikolaus Adams, Christian Stemmer, TU München

3:00-3:20 Turbulent heat flux model for shock-boundary layer interaction with non-adiabatic wall

Subhajit Roy, Krishnendu Sinha, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India; Sebastian Karl, Alexander Wagner, DLR Gottingen; Christian Stemmer, TU München, Germany

3:20-3:45 coff ee break

Combustion workshop

3:45-4:05 RANS modelling of a 7-injector GOX/GCH4 combustion chamber with coupling wall function

Jianfei Wei, Silong Zhang, Mai Ye, Harbin Insitute of Technology, China; Oskar Haidn, TU Munchen

4:05-4:25 Numerical prediction of wall heat transfers using analytical reduced chemistry in a single-injector LOX/GCH4 combustion chamber

Simon Blanchard, Benedicte Cuenot, CERFACS, Toulouse, France; Oskar Haidn, TU München

4:25-4:45 Combustion Modeling Study for GCH4/LOX and GCH4/GOX Single Element Combustion Chambers

Daiki Muto, Yu Daimon, Takanori Haga, Taro Shimizu, Hideyo Negishi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Oskar Haidn, TU München, Germany

4:45-5:05 Simulation of the GOX-GCH4 multi-element combustor and study of the turbulent diffusion coeffcients influence

Evgenij Strokach, Igor Borovik, MAI, Moscow, Russia; Oskar Haidn, TU München, Germany

5:05-5:45 Di efferent Simulative Approaches to GCH4-GOX Combustion and reaction parameter adjustments

Andrej Sternin, Hao Ma, Jianing Liu, Oskar Haidn, TU Munchen; Martin Tajmar, TU Dresden

5:45-6:00 Preliminary results for LOX/CH4 combustor with optical access

Christoph Setae, Oskar Haidn, TU München